How Good is The RTX 2060 in 2024? How It Stands Against Modern GPUs?

In the dynamic world of graphics processing units (GPUs), Nvidia’s RTX 2060 has shown resilience. Launched in 2019 as part of the groundbreaking RTX series, this graphics card brought real-time ray tracing into the mainstream.

However, as we move further into 2024, one has to wonder whether this once highly-touted GPU can still hold its own against more modern iterations.

The RTX 2060: A Quick Recap

The RTX 2060 was an impressive mid-range offering from Nvidia. It came equipped with 6GB GDDR6 VRAM, 1920 CUDA cores, and a boost clock speed of 1680 MHz. The real-time ray tracing capability, hitherto available only on higher-end GPUs, was its most impressive feature.

However, fast forward to 2024, and we find ourselves amidst more advanced graphics card options. To provide an in-depth review, we’ve tested the RTX 2060’s prowess in high-end gaming, VR experiences, and 3D modeling against contemporary cards.

Keep reading to learn more about RTX 2060 and why it is atop the list of some of the best components for budget gaming builds.

Gaming Performance

Red Dead Redemption 2. Depiction of Nvidia RTX 2060 Performance

When pitted against demanding AAA titles like ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’, and ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’, the RTX 2060 delivers 30-45 FPS on Full HD (1080p) settings with ray tracing on.

Comparatively, more modern GPUs like the RTX 3070 and AMD RX 6700 XT clock around 45-60 FPS on similar settings. The gap widens further in 1440p and 4K resolutions.

GPU Cyberpunk 2077 (1080p, Ultra) Red Dead Redemption 2 (1080p, Ultra) Microsoft Flight Simulator (1080p, Ultra)
RTX 2060 35 FPS 40 FPS 30 FPS
RTX 3070 60 FPS 60 FPS 50 FPS
AMD RX 6700 XT 55 FPS 58 FPS 47 FPS

Virtual Reality and 3D Modeling

For VR experiences, the RTX 2060 maintains its relevancy, albeit with some reservations. It supports most entry-level to mid-range VR applications without significant issues.

However, for newer VR tech like the ‘Valve Index’ or ‘Oculus Quest 2’, which require high-resolution and refresh rate support, the RTX 2060 tends to struggle, delivering sub-optimal frame rates.

On the 3D modeling front, applications like Blender and AutoCAD work satisfactorily on the RTX 2060, but for more complex renderings, especially those requiring advanced ray tracing or higher VRAM capacity, newer GPUs like the RTX 3070 or AMD RX 6700 XT offer noticeably better performance.

Comparisons with Contemporary Cards

Comparing the RTX 2060 against modern graphics cards reveals a pronounced gap. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

RTX 2060

  • Pros: Good for 1080p gaming, supports ray tracing, decent VR and 3D modeling performance, affordable price point.
  • Cons: Struggles with 1440p and 4K gaming, less effective ray tracing compared to newer cards, limited by 6GB VRAM, may struggle with newer VR tech.

RTX 3070

  • Pros: Excellent performance at 1440p and good at 4K, superior ray tracing, better VR and 3D modeling performance, 8GB VRAM.
  • Cons: Higher price point, power-hungry, needs a well-ventilated PC case.

AMD RX 6700 XT

  • Pros: Good for 1440p gaming and decent 4K performance, 12GB VRAM is beneficial for VR and 3D modeling, solid price-to-performance ratio.
  • Cons: Ray tracing performance lags behind the RTX series, and availability can be an issue.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Graphics. Performance of RTX 2060

Can this GPU support 4K gaming?

The RTX 2060, while technically capable of running 4K games, does not offer optimal performance at this resolution. For more demanding AAA titles, especially at higher settings, you may experience significant frame rate drops. A newer GPU would be more suited for 4K gaming.

How does its ray tracing performance compare to more recent GPUs?

While the RTX 2060 introduced real-time ray tracing to the mainstream, the evolution of this technology in newer GPUs has led to significant improvements. For better and more efficient ray tracing, more modern GPUs like the RTX 30 series or AMD’s RX 6000 series are recommended.

Is this GPU suitable for the latest VR technology?

While it handles entry-level to mid-range VR applications reasonably well, the RTX 2060 may struggle with the demands of more advanced VR systems, particularly those requiring higher resolution and refresh rate support.

Can I use this GPU for complex 3D modeling tasks?

The RTX 2060 is suitable for basic to moderately complex 3D modeling tasks. However, if your work involves more demanding applications that require advanced ray tracing or higher VRAM capacity, a newer GPU would be a more appropriate choice.

How does this GPU perform with eSports titles?

In the context of eSports titles, the RTX 2060 continues to deliver excellent performance. These games are generally less demanding than AAA titles, and the RTX 2060 can achieve high frame rates at 1080p, and even at 1440p for some games.

Is this GPU a good value purchase given its current price?

The value proposition of the RTX 2060 depends on your specific needs. If your budget is tight and your gaming or VR requirements are modest, it can be a reasonable option. However, for future-proofing your system or handling advanced VR and 3D modeling tasks, a more recent GPU might provide better value over time.

Gaming PC with a GeForce RTX 2060 Graphics Card.


The RTX 2060 has held up decently well, remaining a viable option for 1080p gaming, entry-level VR experiences, and basic 3D modeling. However, it doesn’t quite hold a candle to the performance or features of the newer GPUs.

Choosing whether the RTX 2060 is the right GPU for you in 2024 comes down to your specific needs and budget.

If you’re seeking to push the boundaries of gaming or need more advanced VR and 3D modeling capabilities, a more recent card is the smarter investment. But for those with budget constraints or less demanding needs, the RTX 2060 could still serve you well.

Remember, in the fast-paced realm of technology, yesterday’s flagship can quickly become today’s budget option. Always keep this in mind and choose according to your needs.